No smoking at the Fair

The Star Tribune reports the people who run the Minnesota State Fair will curtail smoking there.

Instead, smokers will be required to gather in designated smoking areas.

It hasn’t been decided yet how many smoking areas there will be nor where they will be located.

It’s also not been decided whether outside dining areas or drinking areas will be smoke-free, the paper says.

The fair committee studied what other outdoor entertainment venues do for smokers. Disneyworld, for example, also has designated areas (near the exit to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad if you’re heading that way).

Part of this is the second-hand smoke concern (although that doesn’t seem to stop the pork-chop booth), but much of it is likely due to last year’s incident in which a little kid got a cigarette in the eye.

  • David

    About time. Smokers seem to be very vocal about perceiving to have their rights trampled, but very absent when it comes to cleaning the streets, sidwalks, and parks of cigarette butts. I also notice that cigarette butts little the fair grounds just like everyplace where smokers hang out.

    I’ve seen stats that indicate 21% of Americans over 21 and 16% of Minnesotans smoke, it’s time smokers start to consider the rights of others.

    We don’t want to inhale their smoke. We don’t like to see them toss their butts out car windows, on sidewalks, and pretty much every human accessible place.

    And we don’t really care how much they whine.

  • Robert Moffitt

    Wow. This is huge.

  • Kassie

    I’m an on again, off again smoker. I find that most smokers try to be polite about smoking. Most of us are pretty damn embarrassed that we smoke. I know when I smoke, especially at a place like the State Fair, I try to get out of the way of the masses and find a quiet spot to quickly smoke. I’m betting almost no smokers will complain about having designated areas, as long as there are a couple and are big enough.

  • James Haley

    Not sure about the full law, but is smoking legal in any public place in Minnesota? I don’t see why this changes anything.

    That said, if this is a health concern; I think that the state fair has bigger fish to fry (pun intended). You can get a deep fried corn dog to go along with your liter of beer and drum of cheese curds. For dessert, you can have cotton candy with a deep fried snickers bar.

    Let’s think here…