Mary and Bob (audio) – 1/8/13

The first day of the Legislature, the horror of Aurora, the future of Afghanistan troops, an anniversary in Tucson, an evacuation in Chaska, two months for killing a woman in Apple Valley, and why people who dismiss social media expose themselves as ignorant fools.

Here it is, the best 6 minutes you’ll have until the 6 minutes that comes after it.

  • ssm

    Thanks for posting. I really enjoy listening Bob and Mary’s news talk whenever I can listen. Unfortunately, it usually coinside with my commuting time, so I miss every once in a while.

    It is very nice to revisit with online.


  • Jeff

    RE: Sarcasm – When my friends moved from the Boston area to the Twin Cities area for college in 1988 they found that their fellow students, many of who were midwesterners, didn’t get their sarcasm. They needed a way to let people know when they were being sarcastic. Their solution – ring a little bell after making a sarcastic comment, or, if you don’t have a bell, just say “ding ding”. (Example: “That assassin is a real gentleman (ding ding).”) Bob – maybe you need to do that to help your listeners…or maybe its just Mary who doesn’t get it all the time. 😉

  • BJ

    Thanks. Missed yesterday so glad I can listen today.

  • Bob Collins

    It is an East Coast thing, and I understand why midwesterners don’t get it.

    It’s kind of like an East Coaster who doesn’t get the actual meaning when a Minnesotan says “have a nice day” at the end of a difficult conversation. That is: “you should die.” 🙂