Mary and Bob (audio) – 1/14/13

Lance Armstrong is sorry, but we’re not sure for what. The debt-limit debate, the end of same-day voter registration in Wisconsin and do chimpanzees have a human style of fairness?

Here’s today’s news conversation with Mary Lucia of The Current.

(Note: there’s no news conversation tomorrow)

  • BJ

    Missing from the presidents speech “…Congress has already committed to.” – but doesn’t have a way to pay for.

    Full sentence..

    ‎”Raising the debt ceiling does not authorize more spending. It simply allows the country to pay for the spending that Congress has already committed to.”

    I’m not for or against debt ceiling, but let’s be honest the debt ceiling is the credit limit congress gives itself on the government credit card. Authorized or not we are talking about allowing debt to grow beyond a limit increased/set only about 18 months ago.