Mary and Bob – 1/4/13 (audio)

Ryan Larson, walking the beat in north Minneapolis, nursing homes that deserve to do a perp walk, and the real reason pilots don’t seek help for their problems. Here’s today’s news discussion with Mary Lucia on The Current.

I’m relatively ambivalent about posting these at the end of the day, but some readers have asked for it, and it doesn’t take much effort at this end. Let me know if it’s of any interest. If it’s not, no problem here.

  • Yes, please. Your chats with Mary are a highlight for me but I often miss it because of work.

  • Seth M

    Thanks for posting and please keep it up. One of my favorite 10 minutes of the Current’s weekday broadcast though I’m seldom able to catch it live.

  • Derek

    I couldn’t be happier that you are posting these again. I was the one guy that subscribed to the podcast you had up briefly.

  • Suzanne

    It’s of interest! I really like your chats with Mary – her reactions really add a lot to the stories. When I heard the story on nursing home residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy, I was disgusted. Her response articulated what I was feeling. Good work.

  • Ryan

    Derek, make that two–I subscribed to the podcast as well. Love these, Bob!

  • Dave S.

    Yay! It’s the best part of the radio-listening day, and I only catch it if I’m in the car at the time, which is all too rare.

  • josh

    Keep posting them. I only hear it once a week or so, I’m usually working.

  • Bonnie

    Yes, please. I am very interested.

  • I’m lucky enough to leave work around 4:15 so I get to hear most of these live. But it’s nice to know I can catch them here if I miss one- keep posting please!

  • kay smith

    The audio insert doesn’t show up on my iPad.

  • Sam

    If your ambivalence is due to not wanting to seem self-promotional, please don’t worry about that. I always enjoy listening to you and Mary, and I rarely have the chance to hear the segment live, so I’m all for you posting the audio. Thanks!

  • Tim Neal

    Thanks Bob and Mary please continue to include this on “news cut”. I remember when you posted this as a podcast Like so many others I sometimes miss this segment because of work duties. I enjoy listening to both of you. News cut is on my must read list.

    Speaking of drunk pilots I read an article stating Minneapolis ranks number 11 drunkest cities in the nation. I’m so proud.

  • Jeff

    One more vote to keep posting these, Bob. Thanks!

  • MikeB

    I was working late Friday, saw it on Twitter, then played it at work. I was the only one around. Loved listening while pushing data around spreadsheets

  • allie

    Please always do post! I try to tune in, but it doesn’t always quite work out. 🙂