In praise of the cold

There’s something to be said for normal.

The National Weather Service is reporting today that 2012 — if you can recall that far back — was the second-warmest year on record.

That’s generally considered a bad thing, so take heart in the frigid temperatures of the last few days.

And take heart in this image from the Mille Lacs Lake Webcam website.


That there is a whole lot of normal.

It wasn’t always thus.

The satellite from this date in the second-warmest year on record looked like this:


Some resorts on the giant lake had to close their area to fishing because there was so much open water.

The latest satellite photo was Sunday.


Situation: Normal.

  • Yep. I look forward to some real winter photography in the weeks ahead!

  • JackU

    Speaking of winter images, we were driving back on Sunday. Leaving the motel in Ames, IA when the temps were below zero provided a lovely landscape of frosty trees along the side of the road.