Hockey is back

Hockey is back in the State of Hockey tomorrow. Two Minnesota Wild games on the shortened scheduled sold out quickly…

… and from what we can tell, this effort was a total bust…

At the height of the lockout, Canada’s Globe & Mail said the lockout was doing “irreparable” harm to hockey, noting that two-thirds of Canadians surveyed no longer cared about the sport.

How does that play out now that the lockout is over?

In Vancouver, the Canucks will extend their sellout streak, there was a “mad rush” for tickets in Calgary, and in Montreal, only 8 of 15,000 season ticket holders canceled their accounts.

  • The real hot ticket for hockey in town tonight isn’t the wild though- its the final conference matchup between rivals UND and the Gophers- Tickets are going for upwards of $400 through re-sellers for the series since it is possible it will be the last time in the next 4 years that they will meet on the ice.

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    for real hockey, try the pond hockey championships on Lake Nokomis: