Follow-up: Tig Notaro

It’s been nine months since comedian Tig Notaro’s life seemingly began going to hell, culminating with a diagnosis that she got cancer on the day she was to make a stand-up performance in Los Angeles, which has become legendary and which I wrote about here.

A bit of an update. Reader Brian Hanf spotted this Yahoo video as part of a sponsored series on the secrets of success.

“I don’t have a complaint in the world,” she said.


At the very end of that piece I wrote in October, I made a very small mention of a colleague:

This is a topic — reacting to the worst news you can get — that had already gotten my attention this week anyway. A colleague of ours at MPR revealed that her husband’s cancer has metastasized into his brain and they had decided he would transition to hospice.

She relayed on her Caring Bridge site how he reacted when the doctor gave them the horrible news.

“Okey-dokey,” he said.

He died. And last week, my colleague returned to work, stopped by my cubicle, and gave me a present: a T-shirt.


Coincidence is an odd thing.

  • beth

    Don’t you find her story about being all cured in a month a bit suspicious? Don’t you think “legendary” is a ridiculous way to present her venting on an an l.a stage. I’ve never heard of her till today.

  • Russel

    @beth Don’t you think its a bit suspicious that you are not aware that a double mastectomy done in treatment for breast cancer often removes the cancer in that it literally cuts the cancer out of the body? Don’t you think its ridiculous to suggest that someone you never heard of had both breasts surgically removed as a publicity stunt? Awful.