Fathers, kids, and guns

There’s a weird plethora of news stories today about fathers, daughters, sons, and guns.

Let’s take it from the top:

>> A St. Paul man has been charged with terroristic threats after he pointed an AK-47 rifle at his daughter during an argument, according to Fox 9 News. The headline says he did so because “she got two B’s instead of straight A’s in school,” but that’s not quite correct. He did so after she swore at him, as if that’s more logical.

According to the charges, 52-year-old Kirill Bartashevitch recently purchased the AK-47 due to fears that such weapons would be banned under President Obama’s push for gun control legislation.

>> In New Jersey, 27-year-old Byaer Johnson wanted to see his daughter but when he entered the home, he was asked to leave. So he shot his daughter in the face, CBS reports.

>> In Oregon, a man admitted “he messed up bad” when he acknowledged he shouldn’t have had a gun in the house, what with him being a felon and all. His 11-year-old son found the gun and tried to carjack a woman.