Dumbest press release of the week

We get a lot of press releases e-mailed to us during the course of a week, 99.9% of which end up in the trash.

But this one, which will shortly end up in the trash, was remarkable, coming as it does within days of Brent Musburger’s odd reaction to a picture of Miss Alabama in the stands at the college football championship Monday night, which touched off a week of debate over what constitutes beauty (and I’m being charitable in describing the controversy that way.)

This comes from a professor at the Boston University School of Medicine under the subject line, “Competing with Gisele!” That’s a reference to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s supermodel wife.


Media Alert:

Renowned Boston Plastic Surgeon Offers Free Plastic Surgery Consultations to Houston Texans Players’ Wives this playoff weekend

“Will they need to look better to console their husbands after a rough weekend?”

Boston, Ma. – Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Prominent Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon and Boston University Professor, has a unique offer for the Houston Texans player’s wives coming to town for this weekend’s game against The New England Patriots.

Spiegel says, “Everyone is saying the Texans are under-matched in football, but the wives are also up against arguably the most beautiful women in the world, including Tom Brady’s wife Gisele. I would like to offer the Houston wives free plastic surgery consultations this weekend in my Chestnut Hill Office,” said Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel. “Boston Fans should not worry that their new looks will boost the players spirits as we’ll make sure not to do anything until after the game is underway. This way they will look great in the weeks to come as they console their husbands after a tough and predicted loss.”

Spiegel continues, “This isn’t intended to insult any of the players on the Houston Texans or their wives at all, I really haven’t even seen them. I just know that they’re being compared to Gisele and the other stunning Patriots’ wives – they are a tough group to compete against in any way.”

About Dr. Spiegel:

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel is Chief of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and a professor at the Boston University School of Medicine. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan, where he served as president of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society, and was selected to present the graduation address at commencement in 1994. Dr. Spiegel completed an internship in General Surgery, followed by a residency in Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco. Further advanced training was obtained with fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Microsurgery through Harvard Medical School. He currently devotes his practice to the most advanced facial cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Spiegel is expert in both the most simple office procedures, and some of the most complex transplant reconstructions done today, and his work is redefining how we understand and achieve beauty.

  • Dimitri Drekonja

    You’d think someone of his stature would know better. I hope a few of his colleagues tell him he’s acting like a Neanderthal. Or perhaps (hopefully) this is a fake, and this guy never said/wrote this

  • BJ

    Checking out his twitter @DrSpiegel and facebook page, he doesn’t lack for self promotion. But nothing with this press release.

  • Kelly cinelli

    I would think anyone who receives this would realize it’s a fun/joking release and Dr. Spiegel is having fun, getting in the competitive spirit and joking. Sometimes the media truly needs to lighten up and get the joke! Wow!

  • Xopher

    That’s a joke all right. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Jo

    Standards of beauty held by plastic surgeons reminds me of a twilight zone episode where everyone picked a number to look the sa me as everyone else when they turned 18

  • georges

    Perhaps the “Renowned Boston Plastic Surgeon” should skip the players wives altogether and go straight to the Houston Texans players themselves, offering to make them all look as pretty as Tom Brady.

    Then, no matter how badly they get beat on the field, they can regain their self-esteem simply by gazing upon their own beautiful countenance in the clubhouse mirror.