A picture worth one word


You’d have to be in a fairly high state of denial not to see that this is a cover intending to make a guy look like a mob boss.


Time is playing off Gov. Chris Christie’s love of Bruce Springsteen, and he is the boss of New Jersey, but the giveaway is the mugshot-like image.

Christie isn’t happy and anytime Christie isn’t happy, entertainment follows:

“If his kids don’t recognize him as the boss then he has more problems then he realizes. But I think he’s having some fun with it. We had some fun with it,” Time’s managing editor responded.

Fun. Like Time had with the O.J. Simpson cover years ago.

  • Cara

    Remember Sarah Palin’s cover on Newsweek a few years ago too?

  • Kevin Watterson

    I didn’t make that association. But I would point out he made a mob joke when he was here in 2010. I think mob jokes are OK.

  • BJ

    Kevin Watterson question… a joke about the mob, or did he joke the New Jersey (or himself) is associated with the mob? (big difference)

    Not that is at all what I thought of when I saw this, I would have never made a mob association.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Disagree. If Christie didn’t look Italian, the connection wouldn’t be there. You could take a million pictures of me and you’d never come up with one that would make my Norwegian-American face look like that of a Mafioso.

    Christie’s just mad because if left up to him the picture would have shown him smiling while hugging a little kid with puppies playing by their feet.

  • Kevin Watterson

    New Jersey joke.