Whatever happened to: The Costa Concordia

It was the world’s top story for a week or so in January. A cruise ship hit the rocks and capsized in Giglio Porto, Italy. Among the dead was a couple from White Bear Lake.

Whatever happened to the ship?

It’s still there.


It’s after dark on New Year’s Eve in Giglio Porto, but the local newspaper provides this ongoing webcam shot of one of the largest salvage operations the world has ever seen.

  • Bose in St. Peter MN

    Intriguing recent article here:

    Mario Pellegrini: ‘We saved some Costa Concordia passengers from death’ — Unlike the stricken liner’s captain, the deputy mayor of Giglio played a key role in the rescue operation near his Italian island

    They report he was onboard until 4am, pulling people out of neck-high water towards the end of the ordeal.

    Of course, the captain (soon to face charges) was long gone.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you for covering this. But what ever happened to this use of “what ever” being two words?

  • Bob Collins

    Whenever it was, it was before 1984, the date of my grizzled dictionary.

  • davidz

    Along these lines, what ever happened to that construction crane that was damaged so heavily in “Super Storm” Sandy? How do you manage to take down such a crane? Erect another crane just for dismantling the first?

  • Bob Collins

    It’s already down. The NY Times did a nice behind-the-scenes piece on that.

  • davidz

    Thank you, Bob. I missed that article, even when I searched the NYT about this crane.

    You are now amidst the likes of Kee Malesky in the realm of radio network librarians, able to search the morgue and find the right results.

    Do radio folk call their archives a morgue like the newspaper folk do?

  • Bob Collins

    // Do radio folk call their archives a morgue like the newspaper folk do?

    No, just “the archive.”