Why they knit

Maybe there’d be less violence in the news if more people knit.

In Nevis, Mn., Janet Golden-Landquist’s 10th grade health class is learning how to knit, the Wadena Journal/Park Rapids Enterprise reports today. It’s part of a stress reduction program.

“I do it on my way to football games,” the high school football team’s running back reveals.

The teacher says some of the guys in class grumbled when they first heard of the exercise but after a couple of days they had it mastered and felt better after realizing it’s not just for old ladies.

And it’s not — it’s for tough guys in the joint, too.

  • BJ

    My in-laws live in Nevis (OK not in the city proper but on lake Belle Taine). It is a K-12 school building.

  • Duke Powell

    That, Bob, is a great addition to your archive.