The words of the year

Merriam Webster — the dictionary people — have determined that “Socialism” and “capitalism” are the words of the year.

The selection is based on the number of times people searched for a word on the firm’s website. That’s odd, considering that in matters of public discourse, almost no one seems to know the actual meaning of Socialism.

Last year’s word of the year was “pragmatic.”

If you’re keeping score on these things, last month selected “bluster” as its word of the year.

Oxford American Dictionary has selected “GIF” as its word of the year.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Nothing odd about this at all. There are so many calculating liars calling Obama a socialist, it only stands to reason that people would start looking that word up in the dictionary to find out what it really means.

    I really don’t think anyone in the Republican leadership has a clue what actual socialism is about, or how far this country has strayed from any kind of bona fide capitalism (actual capitalists hate usury, but that’s what’s keeping the financial sector in charge of everything).