The streets of Woodbury

The local police blotter has always been something from which I can’t look away. Particularly in smaller towns, there’s no better way to get the temperature of a community.

Years ago, MPR carried a segment with the police chief of Bovey reading a sample of his department’s calls, based on the good chief’s newspaper column. The late Terry Wilkey started each column, as former MPR reporter Catherine Winter recalled, “with a suggestion that know-it-alls should not read his words because they might overtax their minds. Each column ended with the advice, ‘Lock that door and get that license number.'”

I think often about Chief Wilkey when I read some of the blotter items from either the Woodbury Bulletin or the Woodbury Patch. These two come from the latter. What would Chief Wilkey do?

Police were called about a dispute between neighbors–one accused the other of shoveling snow onto her yard. An officer made contact with both and tried to mediate the situation. One appeared willing to do so; the other did not. The officer noticed that the person who was unwilling to make amends had a sign in a window that read: “Merry X-Mas Ass” with an arrow pointing to the other home.

Sometimes, the shortest items can be too revealing about a community:

Police were called about an individual who did not appear to be a “normal clean-cut Woodbury person” in the Ashley Furniture parking lot. Police found no issues.

  • Ken Paulman

    So what’d you buy at Ashley Furniture?

  • jon

    Love the local police reports.

    though most of the ones I saw this summer read like this:

    Silver 1999 Honda Civic stolen from xxxx block of xxxx road.

    Next week:

    Red 2004 Honda CRV stolen from zzzz block of zzzz road.

    Next Week:

    Another Honda stolen from yyyy block of yyyyy street

    Next Week:

    Lock up your Honda! Honda stolen from QQQQ block of QQQQ street.

    Next week:

    HONDA STOLEN! No one suprised. xxx block xx street.

    Next week:


    Next week:

    Owning a Honda asking for trouble at x block y street.

    Maybe a slight exaggeration on my part, but you could tell the writer was getting tired of stolen Hondas.

  • essjayok

    Reading these is one of my hobbies too, Bob! That sign in the window is CLASSIC!