The man who married Santa’s daughter

Elmer Abbas has only been a mall Santa once — 1998 at Maplewood Mall. That was the year that Chris Burd sat on his lap and probably didn’t answer “your daughter” when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas.

Liz--Dad-JPG_215424.jpgBurd has recently looked at a picture from then and realized it’s his father-in-law.

“My mom was going through old photos and said she thinks one of my old Santa pictures was me sitting on my fiancé’s dad’s lap,” Chris told “And I just told her she’s nuts. So later in the week I went over to the house and saw it and decided it wasn’t him. But later on, I took a closer look and was like, ‘Oh my God. That’s Liz’s dad.”

(h/t: Brian Hanf)

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