Open thread: I wish I had…

NewsCut is taking a use-it-or-lose-it day off today, and turning this space over to you for discussions on the topics of your choice with one proviso.

Write a sentence. Or write a paragraph. Or tell a full-blown story. Just end with this sentence: I wish I had ________________.

  • Sherry

    I wish I had the means to help my sister.

  • Cleopatra Burlington

    I wish I had been eliminatin Mr. Mutt n Jeff when I was knowin his identity.

  • Sherry

    Also, I wish I had better impulse control. :-/

    Apologies for being a Debbie Downer. Feel free to nuke both these posts.

  • Kassie

    I wish I had been nicer and tried harder with the guy I was dating in the summer of 2000.

  • At 58 my life is a sham. Too many issues to even bother with. Every single one entirely my doing . No excuses or un-fairness.Simply put, I wish I had a brother who needed me just a tiny bit as much as I need him.Louis

  • andy

    I wish I could rhyme like Skee-Lo….

    Anyone…. hello? Is this thing on? Sorry.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • I wish I had started playing the trombone earlier in my life.

  • Kassie

    Dammit Andy, now have to listen to that to get it out of my head. Off to youtube…

  • It was love at first sight.

    A lonely subway car on a snowy day in the Big Apple. Everyone else with sense was indoors, but I was taking the long ride from Bay Ridge into the city, up to the Museum of Natural history.

    She was sitting on one of the metal benches kitty-corner from me, underneath a subway map and an ad for Target.

    The hood on her long winter coat was still pulled up over her head, even though the subway car wasn’t that cold. Above her button nose, her merry green eyes, not quite hidden by her glasses were directed toward an e-book reader. Was she reading a romance? history? fantasy? I had no clue. With the rise of e-books, I was left without an obvious conversational gambit.

    The doors opened.

    Herald Square. Where I would change trains to the D to complete my journey. Our quiet subway trip together was over. She was continuing on to some unknown destination, perhaps in Queens.

    In the end, I said nothing as I walked past her and onto the platform.

    I wish I had the courage to say hello.

  • Jim G

    I wish I had the courage to act at the moment of challenge. I’m caught flatfooted, paralyzed by the pop-quizzes life gives me.

  • MN123

    I wish I had the means to end the violence and hatred in this world.

  • kennedy

    Following the music theme…

    I Wish I Had $1,000,000

  • Todd

    I wish I had a parachute for this fiscal cliff we are about to be pushed from.

  • bsimon

    I wish I had changed jobs years ago. But… better late than never!

  • C.A.P

    I wish my family was more connected especially after some of the tragedy we have endured. I wish my adult daughter was in closer proximity. I worry that another generation in my family may succumb to the malaise and dysfunction. For many years I did my part to reverse, eradicate or fix this but I am through creating ‘Hallmark’ moments and will settle for peace of mind rather than proximity to family. Sad but true.

  • Bob Collins

    When Buddy Guy was standing next to me burning up his guitar, I wish I had a camera.

  • jtlauderdale

    I wish I had realized earlier in life that I actually could enjoy exercise instead of associating it only with the negative aspects of Phy Ed class. Oh well, better late than never!

  • Josh D.

    I wish I had more time. (nothing morbid, just in general…although I do hope to grow quite old)

    More free time I guess would be more specific.

  • Vera

    I wish I had… no, wait. All things considered, life has worked out pretty well despite – or because of? the decisions I made and the way this or that happened. What I am today I am because of those decisions and events. Thoughts of “I wish I had done this or not done that” lead right away to the inevitable “ah, but then you wouldn’t be this or capable of that!”

    Good and bad, I had and have everything I could wish for to be able to keep growing into the kind of human being I want to be. For a self-indulgent brat of sorts who lives by “what’s wrong with wanting perfection, huh? Huh??” it rocks, it does. To have fate hand me life tools and fuel and fertilizer by the ton, to do with as I please, is better than what I myself could ever think up. In short, I do not wish I had…

    No, wait. The instructions state clearly that we must end with “I wish I had______________.” Fine. I wish I had a new jig saw to replace the one that’s been courting Fritz for a few months now.

  • Nika

    I’m able to stare at the countless creatures throughout the moonlights.

    Not anymore, played in my mind with a fight.

    No turning away at their unimaginable silhouette sights.

    They are my friends;

    my good friends through these silent, lonely nights.

    With a backward play of their images in the corner of my eye, as it would always walk over

    & disappear to the far right.

    I Wish I Had A Painkiller, A New Flight.