No smoking, 3M style


Tick tock, 3Mers. There’s just one week left of smoking on the massive Twin Cities campus. Employees will have to get in the car and drive somewhere to smoke at the first of the year.

We’re interested in hearing from smokers on the campus. What’s your plan?

  • Jeremy Borntrager

    Pentair Technical Products in Anoka, MN became a smoke-free campus around the same time the smoking ban took effect. (Two or three years ago?) As a smoker the most frustrating part was that, unlike 3M, employees not considered management were unable to leave the campus for a quick smoke because we didn’t have a lunch off the clock.

    I also went from smoking a half a pack a day to a whole pack because of the stress at work. I know that won’t be the case for everybody, but not being able to relax as a smoker at work made for long days and frequent chain smoking on the commute home for myself.

  • Michael

    Jeremy, did you consider quitting?

  • John P.


    I’m sure he considered quitting. Every smoker has. I don’t know a smoker who doesn’t wish they could quit. I don’t know one who has not tried quit to many times and failed. The problem is not that people don’t want to quit, or don’t know they should, but that they have not been able to. It seems easy for some, impossible for others.

    Some day, maybe we’ll move from making smokers social outcasts to finding ways to help them quit.

  • Peter T

    John P.:”I’m sure he considered quitting. Every smoker has. I don’t know a smoker who doesn’t wish they could quit.” – That is as true today as it was thirty years ago, and it helped me to never get into the habit. Why starting something that everybody who does it wants to quit?

  • Paul Barber

    Welcome to the ’90’s 3M.

  • Aaron

    a smoking ban is the same thing as a gun from the premises. you can ban them, but people will complain that their rights are being trampled. you can ban them for better welfare of society but not everyone will agree. My father has been a life long smoker, and I know he would like to quit, but an addiction is easier to keep when it’s accepted through out society. If we made it harder for people to hold on to their vices, maybe they would try harder to quit. I do not see any negatives from making public places smoke free.

  • Bob Collins

    Some people I rarely hear mentioned in these discussions are people struggling with mental illness. The smoking rate for such people is quite high for a reason: Smoking helps them. That’s not to say it’s healthy; of course, it’s not. But it helps them focus, among other things.

  • 11b

    I wish it was so simple to quit. I wish i never started. I started as a way to calm my nerves as an infantryman in the US army. hrmmm and i will be chastised by non smokers about how amazingly smart they were in not smoking and how its simple to just quit. As for the mental health aspect, people do not care about mental health. You ask for help, you will be singled out and removed.

    I do not think people should have to suffer 2nd hand smoke, but is there not a smoking patio? Whats wrong with sitting in your personally owned vehicle?

    I sure like to have ensured the rights of others, having served my time in the line, to just have my own taken away by some civilian who cant understand why someone like me smokes…

    i guess i should just consider quitting smoking cold turkey, as some people adivsed.

    i guess i will also consider to stop having flashbacks with my ptsd. since it is so easy to just stop things.

    have a good day, keyboard jockies, good luck 3m smokers, you’re f******. 🙁

  • Aaron

    You bring up an interesting point, Bob, about the mental health reasons. What would a doctor say to someone if they came in and said they needed an alternative to smoking to help them function. I doubt a doctor would write a prescription for john doe to continue smoking. People are allowed to bring in their doctor advised drugs to work to help them, what could smokers do for an alternative?

  • Michael

    @John P: Jeremy described an interesting cycle, where not being able to smoke at work made him a worse smoker. I am wondering whether he has tried to break that cycle.

    And so if we’re making assumptions, then I bet Jeremy’s employer Pentair offers a decent health plan with a smoking cessation benefit. There are also support groups out there, and other new ways to help quit.

    I am sure quitting smoking is very hard, but Jeremy has described a worsening situation that 3M employees might also encounter. I wonder if all these people could successfully quit with all the options and motivations out there.

  • kennedy

    Problem: A population addicted to nicotine is prevented from smoking cigarettes for an extended period of time.

    Solution: Use an alternative source for nicotine, such as gum or patch.

    As an aside, 3M is a supplier of transdermal patches for drug delivery.

  • BG

    I welcome it. At our building the smoking area was upwind to the entrance so ever time you walk in you have to walk through a cloud of smoke. Many of the other 3M campus locations have been smoke free for years.