Indiana Jones mystery solved

As relayed on 5×8 last Friday, someone sent this treasure of Indiana Jones artifacts to the University of Chicago, where the fictional Indiana was a professor of archaeology (and where his fictional father was a professor of geology).


University officials had no idea why they were getting the package of Indiana Jones material.

Now they do.

The U.S. Postal Service acknowledges that a package was damaged, its contents spilling out, including the famous Indiana Jones “diary” with the University of Chicago address on it.

According to the university’s Tumblr

According to Paul, this package was en route from him in Guam to his intended recipient IN ITALY (registered mail confirmation attached) when it must have fallen out of the package in Hawaii. Our address had originally been put on the manila wrapping of the journal just for cosmetic effect. We believe that the post office wrote on our Zip code on the outside of the package and, believing the Egyptian postage was real, sent it our way. From Guam to Hawaii en route to Italy with a stopover in Chicago: truly an adventure befitting Indiana Jones.

(h/t: Matt Wells)