Fall of a Wisconsin icon

A lot of doors are about to close for one of Wisconsin’s onetime favorite athletes.

Suzy Favor Hamilton is a three-time Olympian in distance running, works with Wisconsin school kids to get them more involved in physical education and, together with her husband, gives motivational speeches.

This recent Wisconsin TV segment revealed a more difficult side. She suffered from mental illness.

Today, she fell from grace, at least in the world of marketing.

The Smoking Gun revealed she’s been working as a Las Vegas hooker.

  • Kevin Watterson

    What a strange story.

  • Kevin Watterson

    There’s got to be a second, “here’s what’s really going on” story right?

  • Robert Moffitt

    To be honest, I had no idea who this woman was — or is.

    But I agree with Kevin.

  • Dimitri Drekonja

    For runners of my era (I’m 38), she was indeed an icon. Sadly, she never had her “A” game on the Olympic stage, and drug-cheat Regina Jacobs robbed her of many US titles. Sad day in the distance-running world.

  • kennedy

    I love a good conspiracy theory, but can’t manage to think what might “really be going on” other than the story as presented.

    Maybe getting press in advance of a book deal?

  • JShedivy

    Well, geez. There are now TWO things that I cannot do. Leave it alone…cripes.