Why can’t Norway take a joke?

What with the abundance of Norwegians in Minnesota, getting an answer to this question shouldn’t be much of a problem. What’s the deal with Norwegians?

This commercial has been pulled from TV there, Ad Freak, reports after a flurry of complaints that it’s too violent.

  • Craig

    As a person with several cousins in Norway I will go out on a limb and say perhaps it offends them, not by its gore, but by implying their chosen sporting activities mask underlying primitive desires to kill the “other.” The use of aliens, zombies, Nazis, orcs, etc.. seems to be the way we justify indulging in violent fantasy nowadays. Maybe it follows too soon after that maniac killed all those people in an effort to keep Norway “pure.”

  • GregX

    Because the living dead entered the stadium without tickets?

  • DanA

    Likely they realize children watch TV and are disturbed by such images. Norway is protective of its children. It used to have a govt agency that approved (or not) names given to babies.

    Another possibility is that it doesn’t include any skiers and is therefore irrelevant to society. Heilt rått – Northug, Bjoergen, Lund Svindal, etc!