The Little Falls shooting

Here’s the play-by-play of last week’s killing of two teenagers by a man in Little Falls, as described by the Morrison County sheriff. (h/t: Brainerd Dispatch)

“If you’re trying to shoot somebody and they laugh at you, you go again,” Byron David Smith, 64, of Little Falls, told investigators.

  • TJSwift

    If this story is accurate, Smith is definitely in the running for the 2012 worst use of the 5th Amendment award.

  • BJ

    Hasn’t 20+ years of Law and Order taught people anything.

  • Rich

    I have to agree with Swiftee. I’m not even sure the Castle doctrine would have been much help in this instance. Perhaps Rep. Tony Cornish can advocate for Mr. Smith.

  • Wally

    It would seem this guy went beyond what was reasonable, but if it’s true his home was broken into six times, that should be factored in. That has to make anyone a bit crazy. We’ve got a burglar making the rounds in our neighborhood, entering homes when children are there, and if he gets shot, the shooter will be doing us all a favor.

    All the photos on the TV news show these well-groomed teenagers, who don’t look like punks. But I’d like to see a photo of how they dressed and acted when they weren’t on their best behavior.

    Was it a prank, a dare, were they really trying to steal stuff? Whatever the reason, their stupidity and lack of respect for the property of another cost them their lives. So far all the blame has been on Mr. Smith and nothing negative has been said of the young fools who started the whole terrible incident.

  • Bob Collins

    Because he’s been hung by his own words, according to the criminal complaint. You don’t get to shoot people because they laughed at you. You don’t get to finish people off “with a clean shot through the chin” once they’ve been disabled.

    You just don’t.

  • tcarman

    This story is horrifying and it contradicts itself over and over again. To many discrepancies leave me to wonder what really happened. No way no how would a young female hear her friend get shot 4+ times and go down to investigate moments later. No way did this incident play out as the suspect reports it. If he shot the young man in the face “cause he wanted him dead” murder. If he shot the young woman “under the chin through her cranium” murder. Unfortunately he purposely took the lives of the other 2 who were involved in this incident therefore his words will be the last of the story. When the dust settles, the evidence is gathered I hope he serves his remaining life in prison. He should not have a future for he took the future away from two young human beings along with all the hopes and dreams of their families. Shame shall fall upon any of who stand up for this murderer for he states in his own words their was possibility for both of the victims to live and he viciously and relentlessly took that from them.

  • Bob Collins

    // a young female hear her friend get shot 4+ times and go down to investigate moments later.

    An acquaintance on Twitter raised an interesting response to this yesterday. What if she thought her colleague was the one who fired the gun?

    The other curiosity here is the claim of a half dozen or so break-ins, but only one is reported to the police.

  • David G

    Who laughs after they’ve been shot several times, with their killer pointing a gun at their face? Who walks up and shoots someone up under the chin, to “put an end to her suffering” like she was a farm animal?

    This is a scene straight from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

  • kennedy

    Once again bullying ends in tragedy. It seems likely that some kids in the community identified this man as someone to pick on, repeatedly breaking in. They went so far as to break in on Thanksgiving Day. Under the stress, this man acted with unbelieveable criminal violence. Nobody wins.

  • jfh

    I really, really hope MPR will do an in-depth story on this whole incident.

    Right now, the story as it is has been resonating on gunny boards, particularly those with a reputation for having chest-thumper members–and generating horror from gunnies on more temperate boards.

    One way or the other, it looks like it will become part of a ‘national dialogue’ about some of our cultural issues, and an exhaustive story by MPR (get going, Bob!) will be most welcome.

  • Lillenan

    I agree with tscarman , I am reasonably sure that young girl would not go down the stairs after her cousin was shoot , she possibly would have called out first , not just went down the stairs. I have problems with the whole story having much truth to it . I think this old guy for whatever reason murdered two persons .. they could not harm him once he disabled them , so why then kill them , no he planned and carried out a murder . I mean who in their right mind would remain in a home with two bodies in the basement .? no, the two young people were in the wrong to break into his home , if in fact they had done so , that guy had plenty of time to plant the evidence in the car as well, so I wonder if the truth will ever be told. I think the guy should serve 2 life sentences with out possibility og parole , this was in my opinion cold blooded murder !

  • Zelmalu

    I’m torn on this one. If I were in his situation and my house has been broken into numerous times I would be on edge. For all he knew, these two burglars were high on crack and armed, ready to kill. In hindsight, looking at these two innocent photos of teenagers it is very easy to pass judgement on this man but in this circumstance it is hard to say how anyone would react! His choice of words and finishing actions are suspect however!

  • Bob Collins

    // were high on crack and armed, ready to kill.

    There are two separate events here and people are getting confused regarding what the problem is.

    The gentlemen isn’t being charged because he shot two people or that shooting an intruder is not within the law or his rights. So whether he thought they were ready to kill isn’t an issue.

    The issue is when someone has been shot multiple times and is on the ground gasping for a last breath, and you put a gun to their chin and finish them off.

    That’s the problem.