Open thread: What now?

I’m not here this morning so let’s just open up NewsCut to what you think. The DFL has a clean sweep and has regained control of Minnesota politics. What now? Should there be a bill to legalize same-sex marriage? How do the Republicans rebuild? How does Minnesota change? Or not.

Spill, be nice to each other, and I’ll see you later on.

  • Dalton

    Wondering if the voter turnout numbers are available.

  • Dalton

    My hope is that the divisiveness that has dominated MN and national politics will reduce enough for the Democrats and Republicans to be able to work together on important issues. It’s time for moderates from both parties to come together and make a positive impact. Maybe now the hardline course of the GOP will be rethought and Republicans will be more willing to get things done rather than push divisive religious agendas and unworkable economic agendas. Great things can happen when ideas from both parties are put together and hammered out.

  • vjacobsen

    I am hopeful for our state now that we have a Dem Governor, House, and Senate. Hopefully this means no shutdown, hope for our budget, schools, and….dare I dream? The passing of initiatives like the MN Health Care Plan. But that’s me.

    Nationally, I hope people can start to work together a little bit more in Congress. My only glimmer of hope with this is that what we didn’t see was more Tea Party wins than in 2010. The other hope I have is that Citizens United can somehow get overturned.

  • I expect at the very least a repeal of our state DOMA law–but I admit I am hoping to see a same-sex marriage bill pass this session!

  • Chris H

    It seems like the Republicans in MN overreached and were punished for it.

    I hope the DFL keeps this in mind, as they look to their upcoming legislative agenda.

  • JackU

    For Minnesota I think the results are clear. In the battle of Gov. Dayton vs The Republican Legislature the electorate sided with Gov. Dayton. This of course means one thing, revenue (taxes) are part of any MN deficit solution.

    In Congress we can only hope that the dynamics within the GOP become more about self-preservation since they can no longer defeat the President at the polls. If that’s the case then you might see some compromise. The other possibility is that there are leadership challenges from within the GOP by members more inclined to compromise.

  • B Joe

    It would be great to see a bill to legalize gay marriage. The state essentially gave its blessing to gay marriage by refusing to pass that bigoted amendment.

  • I’m glad to see the marriage amendment failed, but I wonder if legalizing gay marriage by the legislature would be the best move. Wouldn’t it constantly be up for debate then, depending on who’s in control?

    I hate to suggest yet another amendment, but I wonder if it’d be a smart move for the DFL to put it back to the people for a vote. Don’t let short-term politics make this a short-lived victory. Let the people decide and make it a long-term stand.

  • Disco

    Regarding Bachmann.

    There is always a silver lining when she’s re-elected. It keeps her on TV. It’s only a matter of time before she comes out with another knee-slapper. What will it be this time? Martians usurping our freedom? Chicken pox vaccine causes homosexuality?

    Keeping the crazies in the news only helps progressives. This was the best opportunity to beat her; Graves nearly did it. But she still won, and she likely has that seat for life if she wants it.

    That’s not all bad.

  • BJ

    State level –

    I would like to see a bill to remove marriage from our laws. So the right can’t say people are trying to define it.

    Rename it civil union for all. equal and equal.

    National level – I would love to see grid lock continue. All temporary measures to expire without action and ‘automatic’ cuts to go into place. No more national debt increases.

    Fund any continued troop activity in middle east.

  • BJ

    On another note. So glad the results where in as earlier as they were (presidential results). I really didn’t want another 2000.

    @Disco – Bachmann – I think if Graves runs again he could do it. He just didn’t have an experienced campaign team this time.

  • Disco

    Same-day voter registration into the constitution.

  • Jamison

    My thoughts on the Marriage amendment….

    I think it was a big waste of time and money, no matter which side you favored. The one thing I kept hearing from the conservative side is that we needed the amendment because the law could be changed. Well, now their worst fears are possibly going to happen.

    I can only wonder what would have happened if the right had just shut up and not tried to pursue this boondoggle. Now, the democrats not only have a desire to legalize same sex marriage, but a MANDATE to do it as well. So in the end, the right may have shot themselves in the foot.

  • Dylan Kvasnicka

    //I would like to see a bill to remove marriage from our laws. So the right can’t say people are trying to define it.

    Right on, my friend. Seperation of church and state. Civil unions for all people should be the standard, and “marriage” should be the extension into religious institutions. There, now we don’t have to fight over it.

  • Jamison

    // Wondering if the voter turnout numbers are available.

    On the Secretary of State site it lists around 76%

  • DanA

    Why don’t we require super-majority approval for constitutional amendments?

    The amount of money spent on this election was obscene. Someone needs to pick up Feingold’s campaign finance reform baton.

    U.S. would be better if it broke its political duopoly.

    Bob Schieffer is awesome.

  • Joanna

    My 18-year old daughter and ALL of her friends were motivated to get out the vote by their revulsion against both the amendments. I am interested in seeing if there was a larger than usual turn-out among younger people. Maybe some of them would have voted anyway, but I hope they’ll be inspired to continue to pay attention and be involved in civic life and politics.

  • jon

    For Minnesota, we start fixing the mess we put our selves into … I hope, namely fix the budget so we don’t end up shutting down the government again, for a very very long time.

    I don’t think a marriage amendment would fly right now, if the law is changed it would likely be best to change it in the first session so people forgot about it by next election. I don’t think that voter ID or Marriage equality really passed by a large enough margin to push a new round of campaigning to have the opposite amendments on the ballot next time, and I doubt the dems would want them on the ballot for a mid-term election.

    nationally I’m curious for December when the electoral votes are actually cast and counted… I’m curious if faithless electors who said they’d vote Ron Paul if it didn’t effect the outcome of the election actually do it, and if so how that effects the republican party, and how it treats libertarians in the future… And how it changes it’s image in the future.

  • CaliGuy

    Re-instate the Rule of 90 for MN teachers. Win-win. Teachers get secure retirement. School districts get built-in budget-cutting measure.