If only white men could vote

Here’s how the electoral map of Tuesday’s election would’ve looked if we were pre-1870 America.


Buzzfeed has more here.

  • Kassie

    That’s really, really sad.

    A question: do white men vote at higher rates than people of color or women? Especially interested in Red states. Can someone do that analysis for me?

  • tboom

    As a white male let me just say, “thank God voting isn’t restricted to my demographic group”. Interestingly, if I were to move from Minnesota, I’ve always thought Oregon would be my first choice, with Maine/Vermont/New Hampshire in second.

    PS. Are any other demographic groups accepting honorary memberships?

  • BJ

    @tboom as someone who lived in Oregon. Don’t do it. Very weird place. Very big gun culture.

  • TV

    As someone who lives in the non hick portions of Oregon (eg salem, eugene, portland) the ‘gun culture’ is almost non-existent. Most of the state is gun totin ‘publicans except for the major metropolitan regions.