High-rise hell

It’s almost impossible to hear the stories coming from New York and New Jersey and not think, “how would that go over if that happened here?”

Take this announcement today, for example. The “vast majority” of people in New York won’t get power back until November 10th and some may not get it back until late November.

This video shows why that might be a bigger deal than in other parts of the country.

  • Peter

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the statement was actually that most customers would have power back by the 10th of November.

    That’s very different than saying that most customers won’t get power back until the 10th.

    According to the same WSJ article, 1.4 million customers have already had power restored, and 4.6 million are still without. That means that almost 25% of customers who lost power already got it back.

  • Bob Collins

    One friend got his power back tonight. Another says a line crew said hera would be back tomorrow. The crew was from Ohio.