An airplane’s migration

This airplane is called an AirCam. It’s used primarily, as the name suggests, as a photo and video platform because it has an open cockpit and there’s nothing surrounding the front view to obstruct it. Many of the finest nature videos you see are shot with an AirCam.


A week or so ago, this plane had to get from Minnesota to Florida. All that was needed was a pilot willing to bundle up enough to survive the frigid temps of flyover country.

They found one.

More than likely, the view was worth it…

  • davidz

    That sounds like a marvelous adventure. A craft like this could make me want to get a pilot’s license, especially for trips up & down the Mississippi valley (or even better, the Yellowstone in MT),

    Although several full days in a row through cold weather might not be exactly my cup of tea.

    You’ve managed to completely distract me from work for the rest of the afternoon now.

    Thanks, Bob.