Your daily dose of cool science

It’s “science Friday” in the world of public radio, which is a good time to pass along one of the more fascinating videos of the week. It answers the question “why is the sky dark at night?”

That would be a great question to ask at a presidential debate, by the way.

And another question. Will “we” ever go out there to those other worlds? Over to you, Carl.

and that’s all lovely, but looking back at this planet is still pretty cool, too…

  • Jim Shapiro

    The first vid is way too fast for my ready for a nap pea sized brain. Maybe my 5 yr old can explain it to me.(All the more humbling because it’s narrated by a WOMAN. When did they start letting THEM into astrophysics class? 🙂

  • Bill

    Jim – fake (I hope) sexism aside, the “woman’s” name is Henry.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bill – Oops. Now I guess I’m guilty of highvoice-ism. Or perhaps it was I really needed a napism 🙂

  • Kevin Watterson

    Let me simplify it for you Jim: It’s dark at night because the stars are far away.

    But if you need a video to tell you that, you got bigger problems than highvoice-ism.