When rich people go broke

You have to give Antoine Walker credit for facing the music. Walker could probably use a little credit; he’s broke after ripping through $110 million he earned as an NBA player. His career ended after 46 unspectacular games as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It’s a story that probably isn’t going to get a lot of sympathy. And the patience of working-stiff fans to sit through the sad stories will be tested when ESPN’s 30 on 30 debut’s the film, “Broke,” which documents rich young people who blew their fortune.

They might be victims. But, of what?

  • davidz

    Victims of what?

    Stupidity. Excess. Misinformation. Public expectations. Their own expectations. Celebrity culture. So-called “friends and family”, many of whom are not hanging around anymore (I’m supposing). Bad judgment.

    You’re right; I doubt that this will be a story that generates much in the way of sympathy. I’m never happy when someone else is in pain, but I’m going to shed no tears for someone who has blown through vast sums of money. Those tears, and the efforts I make to help people, are reserved for people who have not had the opportunities. Heaven knows that there are enough of them.

    How much money was spent on purely ephemeral expenses: high-end restaurants, bars, nightclubs, drugs, etc? Things with no long-term value or meaning.

    At least some folks have an expensive house or cars they can sell to make a little bit of money once their accounts have gone to zero. But if none of the cash went to material goods like this, then it’s gotta be really tough. But again, no tears from me.

  • Dylan Kvasnicka

    I too have no sympathy for these players. Having known the 2009/10 and 2010/11 Timberwolves team professionally (I parked their cars during their practices at the Target center), I can say that the vast majority of them were rude, egocentric, prima donnas(yep) living well above their true means. There were a select few who were truly nice guys(I tip my cap to you, Anthony Tolliver), so I’m not completely biased. But seeing firsthand how these guys live and act, I honestly hope a fate of destitution for most of them. Especially Michael Beasley, I have zero respect for that man and eagerly anticipate the day excess catches up to him. Harsh, but true.