Two guys. Two views

American Public Media’s Marketplace provided a good glimpse into the effect of the presidential campaign on friendships last night, turning to two Minnesota pals on different sides of the race.

Only these two guys also own small businesses, and destroy the notion that the sector is monolithic voting block.

“It’s the new kissing the baby,” says Shawn Sheeley. “For both candidates, the conversations around small businesses, I feel, are pandering.”

Here’s the piece:

  • vjacobsen

    You can’t lump small businesses into one bucket and treat them equally. I have a niche business. Political policies affect what we do in a very different way than most other businesses are affected. Also, the way were set up, corporate tax rates are a non-issue.

    There are some things that politicians could do to help my business, but they are not what either side mentions, and I’m willing to bet nobody is all that interested in finding out what that is.

  • BJ

    I love the line you quoted “It’s the new kissing the baby,”