The Twitter concerto

This might be one of the prettiest tweets ever:

It’s also a fine example of marketing, an area I’ve been paying more attention to when it’s done by struggling orchestras and musical organizations. And a lot of them are struggling — as fans of the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra can attest.

The Metropole Orchestra in The Netherlands is also in trouble financially. And to call attention to its plight, it’s set up a site — Tweetphony — which allows people to compose short pieces of music and tweet them.

The orchestra will take the best tweets and play a concert with them on Friday.

Is it the solution to financial woes? Not exactly. But at least it helps create some awareness that The Netherlands has a professional orchestra still providing musical inspiration. That’s more than the Twin Cities can say right now.

  • vjacobsen

    I thought I heard about there being many orchestras worldwide trying to negotiate with unions, and most of them are locked out. Is there any chance this is a well-orchestrated effort on the part of management to lower wages on a grand scale?

    Ignore the puns, though. I mean my question.

  • BJ

    that is fun

  • Max

    Maybe if places like The Metropole Orchestra didn’t waste their time with useless things like a “tweetphony,” and focused more on better business models and functioning within their means, they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in now.

    Get back to work, commies.

  • Jamie

    “Commies”? What?!

    I don’t get this. How is that tweet “pretty”? A string of letters — chords, I’m guessing. But I can’t HEAR them. So how is it — anything?

  • Bob Collins

    See the link in the tweet? Click it.