Live-blogging the presidential debate

I’ll be providing some of the content in this evening’s live blog of the presidential debate. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Dave

    Did you know that your headline says vice-presidential debate? Or, maybe these guys think that Biden and Ryan should take their place.

  • Molly

    As a young professional woman working in a male dominated industry, Romney’s answer comes across as insincere.

  • Leatrice D. Albin

    I have been around some time. I have never seen the middle class come out ahead when we were under republican rule. The reason why we are in the mess we are is not the last four years we have gone through, but the eight years before that. Don’t be fooled by the lies. We can’t go back to republican rule again. My grandmother once said before she died, vote in a republican and you will starve. She was a smart women.