‘It’ll be over soon,’ mom tells kid sick of campaign 2012

To some degree at least, all of us can identify with little Abigael.

But until it’s all over next week, here are some good campaign 2012 reads:

Minnesota newspapers on marriage, voting amendments: a resounding ‘No’ (Minnpost)

Tom Friedman looks at the national political landscape through a Minn. lens (NY Times)

Who is the *real* fake lumberjack? (MinnesotaBrown)

Update: NPR apologizes for making Abigael cry — apparently she was listening to NPR when the tears started to well up.

  • Robert Moffitt

    If the President’s name really was “Bronco Bamma” he would be up by 20 points in Texas right now.

    But yes, I can relate. A poem, in your honor:

    Dry your eyes, little Abigael.

    One man will win, the other FAIL.

    Halloween’s no time for tears,

    we’ll cry together in 4 more years.

  • BJ

    Watching those fake lumber jack ad’s made my morning.