Darko we hardly miss thee

It’s media day for the Minnesota Timberwolves, a day when the assembled basketball millionaires predict great things for the squad. And, with little doubt, the team should be better this year than last year because it has more talent and fewer Darkos.

Darko Milicic was a bust and from many accounts, wasn’t that interested in playing basketball with much, shall we say, intensity.

As coincidence would have it, the Boston Celtics had their media day last week. The Celtics signed Milicic after the Timberwolves bought out his contract, forcing many Timberwolves fans to cross “see Darko dunk in a Timberwolves uniform” off their bucket list.

And Milicic showed he’s pretty good at talking in code, too, comparing his new team to his old teammates “thinking about losing.”

“It’s good when you have somebody pushing you to your limit. Those guys have experience playing in the finals, going deep into the playoffs. That’s what they have in mind. They don’t think about losing; they think about winning a championship, especially this year. All these guys are getting old now. They’re looking forward to winning one or two more championships. I’m here now to help them, whatever it takes.”

And then there’s this:

“I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever I need to do to help this team. So now, if I have to go kill someone on the court, I’ll kill someone on the court.”

Last season, it was apparent some of his teammates had the same fantasy.

On Deadspin today, some Celtics fans apparently think they’ve got the next Bill Russell. It couldn’t happen to a better city.

  • Mark Gisleson

    I too was a homer for Darko.

    Now I’m just glad to see he’s gone.

  • BJ

    I’m sure his teammates loved being called old.