Coincidence and the Mississippi River


I’m off today and tomorrow in order to burn up some vacation time (we can only bank so many days), but wanted to pass along an update on Daniel Alvarez, the Tallahassee man who is attempting to kayak from Minnesota’s Northwest Angle all the way to Key West.

On his blog, Predictably Lost, today he writes of the wonder of coincidence when he ran into someone he’d met before. Me.

Alvarez is a fabulous writer. His documentation of his journey is poetry and in the segment he wrote today, he provides the kind of perspective that one might hand down to another generation. You’ll have to go to the page to find out what it is.

He writes his blog as the events happen — daily — but posts them a couple of weeks later so as not to specifically identify where he is on the river at a particular time.

The last time I checked — earlier this week — he was experiencing the wonders of Iowa on one side, and Illinois on the other.

  • I feel sad that I missed the kayak as he went through. I liked the story of him running into you.

  • David King

    Hi Bob,

    Great blog posts on Daniel and his amazing adventure! My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel here in the Twin Cities when we were out Salsa dancing… his Cuban heritage shines on the dance floor!

    I was so impressed with Daniel that I made sure to let my parents, who live near the Mississippi River in Illinois, know that he was on his way! My mom called last night and said, “someone wants to talk to you.” Of course it was Daniel! My parents were treating him to some of the “regional” delicacies from my hometown and giving him a warm bed and a night away from the river.

    The only negative thing Daniel had to say was that he ate so much he might not fit in his kayak. With all that paddling I bet that won’t be an issue!

  • JB

    I finally caught up on the blog this morning. I hope he produces a book version of all the blog entries. I’d bet it would fund many more adventures for him.

    The thing that separates Daniel’s journey from many of the other feats of adventure that can be tracked online is his attitude about it all. It seems he’s in it for the people he meets and the stories it creates. Sure the determination to succeed drives him but it’s the friends that he makes along the way that fuels him. And the fact that so many of those new friends keep coming back into his life show he’s a very special person.

    Thank you Bob for keeping us informed that such people exist.