When life isn’t fair (cont’d)

KARE 11 is reporting today that Jane Fiemeyer has died.

The Wadena girl died just a few hours before her wish was to be granted with a video chat with the musical group she apparently adored.

Jane’s mother announced on her Caring Bridge site on Monday that chemotherapy against leukemia was not working. It was a heartbreaking post:

This conversation led into a conversation about what she wanted to take with her to heaven, including her apple blanket and the leopard she sleeps with every night. She also picked out the clothes she wants to wear (including the blue wig) and the necklaces that will be around her neck. She also asked if she would have a funeral. I answered yes and then we began to discuss what she would like to see happen from the music she wants played, who will do her eulogy, pall bearers, and which clergy she wants officiating her service. It was an oddly peaceful conversation. Maybe it should have been harder, and I guarantee it will be, but at the moment we had peace and composure and I am so grateful for that gift.

  • Robert Moffitt

    (wipes tear) What a brave little girl.