Viral video: The guy who makes it tough for everyone else

Let’s just go ahead and add this to NewsCut’s growing list of people who make it rough for the rest of us, what with their creative ways to propose and all .

  • John O.

    Well, *THAT* certainly helped freshen up an otherwise lackluster Friday!

  • Jamie

    Are you kidding me?!?! That’s supposed to something GOOD? He fakes an emergency and probably scares the woman half to death in order to be perceived by lots of thoughtless, sexist people as “creative”? And he films it without her knowledge or permission so that he can post it for all those sexist people – strangers – to see it online for what can only be self-agrandizement! This is one of the worst of all the bad and stupid marriage proposals that have been posted online in recent years. I can’t believe you would think this is a good thing, Bob. And it really isn’t that creative, either.

    My favorite public marriage proposal is still the one where the (smart) woman says “no” to the guy and walks away looking kind of angry.

  • Bob Collins

    // I can’t believe you would think this is a good thing, Bob.

    If they’re OK with it, I’m not going to say it’s wrong. They’re free to love each other and express it in however they choose.

    It’s a long lovely life, and after awhile there’s a certain liberation in spending a few moments of it not outraged by it all.

  • Jamie

    I spend plenty of “moments” not being “outraged by it all.” But I am outraged that men still try to control and dominate women in the 21st century in the U.S., and that some women still let them do it (though I’m not necessarily citing this particular woman: if I were up in a plane with a controlling man like this, I’d say yes to his marriage proposal too, and inform him on the ground that I only said yes in order to get back safely).

  • Bob Collins

    She seemed to enjoy it, he never put either of them in danger, and since she’s a surgical resident, I kinda think she’s probably not a shrinking violet nor setting a bad example for women.