The undecided voter

Saturday Night Live nails it with a look at undecided voters.

  • BJ

    More like the Average voter than the undecided, but yes very funny.

  • Amy

    I just happened to turn on Sat. Night Live for kicks last night, thinking it probably wasn’t going to be any good and saw this skit. This was absolutely the funniest thing they have done in a LONG time and so darn true unfortunately! Whoever writes this stuff is brilliant!

  • JP

    This drew a bona fide belly laugh. Which is a nice thumbs-up for SNL which I have not watched on television for about 15 years.

  • tallpete

    Seriously – if you’re still undecided at this point, you haven’t been paying attention, or are completely clueless. If so, please stay home on Nov 6.