The new Americans

There is nothing more inspiring, nothing so pride-filling, as watching people who longed to come to America becoming Americans.

In Minneapolis today, one of the largest naturalization ceremonies ever hosted here featured 1,500 new citizens from 100 different countries.

The Current’s Mark Wheat was one of them.



Wheat reflects on his accomplishment on the Current’s website.

(Photos: Nate Ryan/MPR)

  • Randy

    As I noted on Twitter, we need to know who Mark’s going to root for if the US and England meet in the 2014 World Cup…hope he answers carefully as I’m already suspect because he’s a United fan.

    And I welcome him to our shores!

  • KTFoley

    Caught a bit of Mark’s show last night where he was playing some of his favorite British artists as part of his last night as a Brit. Good for him!

  • Jim Shapiro

    As an unapologetic anglophile, I hope Mr Wheat is still able to find the occasional Bubble and Squeak, Hairy Tatties and Spotted Dick, if his tastes run in that direction.


  • Suzanne

    Way to go, Wheat! I really enjoyed reading the Q & A over on the Current, too.