The Charlotte protests

Maybe it’s because we in Saint Paul were knee deep in the protests at the 2008 Republican National Convention in the city, but protests at the Democratic convention in Charlotte seem to be getting scant attention.

You may have to turn to unconventional and/or non-traditional sources for the information.

Enter Voice of America…

Undocumented residents protested yesterday…

By contrast to Saint Paul in ’08, the cops in Charlotte don’t seem to be dressed in the “Michelin Man” outfits. And they’re using bicycles more…

  • jon

    When it comes to National politics NC is practically a swing state compared to MN. MN has gone democrat for at least the last 5 Presidential elections, NC went Obama last time around, otherwise mostly republicans (and recent polls show NC just barely swinging Romney)

    Making the assumption that protests are in fact less, perhaps the reason why is reflected in the approval ratings of Mr. Obama vs. Mr. Bush during the time of their respective conventions. (as sitting presidents not (in Bush’s case) as candidates.)

  • Jim Shapiro

    Love the “Stop Bitching, Start the Revolution” bumper sticker right next to the “War Is Not The Answer” bumper sticker in the VOA video.

    ( Perhaps I missed the “A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Small Minds” bumper sticker 🙂