The bus people

We have an open invitation to you on NewsCut to tell us about people who are doing neat and inspiring things in your community and by and large, you come through. We could always use more, since we think these stories are more indicative of the human condition than many of the stories that dominate the news.

That’s why we were interested today to get an e-mail that the Bus 52 project pulls into Minnesota next week.

Several people — one of them from Luther Seminary but the rest out-of-staters — have been traveling the country on a bus, stopping where there’s a good story to tell.

Like this one from a few days ago…

and yesterday the team posted this video of an effort in Boise to help get drop-outs back on track…

I’ll introduce you to the “bus people” when they’re in the state next week. It will be fascinating to see what stories they dig up here and whether they meet some of the people you’ve suggested.

And, yes, that’s a hint.

  • Joanna

    thanks for sharing this! With all the bitterness of campaign season, it’s important to me to hear stories of people who are making a difference through kindness and generosity.