Randy on racism

Songwriter Randy Newman is calling out what he sees as racism in the presidential campaign.

The Associated Press today reports Newman, an Obama supporter, released a protest song today, to confront racism in American politics.

“It’s delicate enough that I’m not going to offend people every which way, but I wanted to get it right as best I could,” Newman told the AP, which said he’s worried there may be some backlash against the song.

  • Cara

    Randy Newman has a way of airing out what’s subliminally part of the public conscious.

    And naming Romney, in an unspoken way, by calling him whiter than McKinley who was “the whitest of them all”.

  • Jim Shapiro

    First, I’m not a big Randy Newman fan because I don’t like his voice.

    That said, kudos to him for using his art and celebrity to make a social statement.

    Of course there is a huge amount of racism in the anti-Obama vote.

    To deny that is disingenuous, ignorance, or both.

    Hey, how’s that for the motto of the new Republican party?

    Disingenuous Ignorant Racism R’Us!


  • m

    So is it racist for blacks to vote for Obama because of his skin color Randy? No, I’ll bet that’s ok with you.

  • BJ

    I’m no Romney supporter but that was the stupidest 3:17 I have spent this week. Unless its a movie background song Randy Newman isn’t that good.

    “Of course there is a huge amount of racism in the anti-Obama vote.”

    Really? Prove it?

    “To deny that is disingenuous, ignorance, or both.”

    I will agree that there are racists who vote and that they will not vote for the President. But didn’t they vote last time? Have they increased numbers now, if so by how much?