People doing good: The bus driver

A colleague stopped by the World Headquarters Cubicle of NewsCut this afternoon to tell me about what happened to her yesterday when getting off an elevator in her Saint Paul apartment building with two bags of groceries. One of the bags broke, sending canned goods all over.

None of the people on the elevator, nor any of the people waiting to get on the elevator, bothered to help pick up any of her maverick foodstuffs.

“What’s wrong with people?” she asked.

I often wonder which stories are more indicative of who we are: The people who won’t bother to help someone with a broken bag of groceries? Or the bus driver who’ll give someone the shoes on his feet to someone without any shoes?

I don’t have the answer, but I know that an apartment building in Saint Paul could use a few more of the latter, and a few less of the former.

“Anyone would do the same thing,” the bus driver told the CBC. How nice if that were close to being true!

Do you know of someone doing good work? Who’s the most interesting person you know? Submit their name and tell me why.

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