Kluwe: Same-sex ban supporters trying to make slaves

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has leveled another broadside at supporters of the same-sex marriage ban on November’s ballot.

He writes today on his Pioneer Press blog:

I won’t sugercoat it, won’t hide it in fancy words, won’t wrap it in a swaddling of morality and fear; if you vote to restrict the rights of another person, you are trying to make them your slave. You are telling them that the very birthright that makes us human, the right to free will and choice, the right to happiness and freedom, no longer applies. You are flat out stating that a person is no longer a human being, that YOU should decide what’s best with no care for independent thought, that YOU alone know the only way to do things.

I call this oppression. I call it tyranny. I call it cruel and unjust and undeserving of consideration by anyone who would live free of shackles. America, the America I was brought up in, the America I want my children to live in, is a land of inclusion, not exclusion. “Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free”. There’s no addendum to the Statue of Liberty that says “But hey, fags, get the JACKBOOT TO BACKSIDE out. Blacks, we don’t want you either. Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, don’t even think about it.” This country was built on the idea that everyone is equal under the law, everyone deserves the same rights and respect to free will, everyone can pursue happiness. I will happily lay down my life to protect your right to believe whatever you want, but when your actions are oppressive, we’re gonna have some problems, because now you’ve crossed the line dividing your free will from someone else’s. There is only one thing I will not include in my life, and that is an action that tolerates discrimination.

  • Jim Shapiro

    As Bob Dylan says, don’t hate nuthin but hatred.

    Is it too late to draft Kluwe to run for some elected office?

    (He could keep his day job because politicians don’t work on weekends. Except for the money raising thing, that is.)

  • essjayok

    I admit, I still get a little stumped when I see Kluwe’s new “profanity.” It takes my brain a little to understand “JACKBOOT TO BACKSIDE.” And then I laugh.

    Also, I feel a crush developing.

  • Jim!!!

    Punts as a profession, pwns as a pundit.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Jim!!! – Nice!!! ( And thanks for making me learn a new word 🙂

  • BJ

    Kluwefanity! It is almost a game, what profanity can I make fit in this box.

    Am not sure what kind of candidate he might be, but I think he would get my vote.

  • essjayok

    Let’s not try to turn him into a politician.

    Part of what I get excited about with Kluwe is that he is a non-politician speaking in a rational, heartfelt way about something that matters to him. It gives me hope that others in our society, who don’t have anything to “gain” from it, will continue to use their voice for what matters to them.

    Basically, it inspires me from a social justice activist standpoint, so let’s applaud the fact that a mostly-regular-Joe (yeah, yeah and also a Pro football player) is speaking up.

    If only more of us regular people would!

  • Linda Brown


    If everyone in this country felt this way, what a wonderful world it would be.

  • Jim Shapiro

    essayok –

    While my suggestion was mostly tongue in cheek and I mostly agree with your sentiments, Klewe is anything but a “mostly regular Joe.”

    He has an extremely high profile, an extremely high intelligence, writes like a god, is courageous, honest ( at least about his thoughts/feelings), a family man, and 30 years old.

    If you wouldn’t want someone like him to represent your/our interests, who then?

    As to the “power corrupts” argument, actually more accurate is that mostly the corrupt are attracted to power.

    Thus the “nobody who wants to be President should be allowed to hold the office” axiom.

  • Aaron

    Kluwe is a professional athlete, but before his views will voiced, I don’t think he was a high profiled athlete. I hope he is able to get through to people who are more interested in sports than they are in social and equality issues. While is language is very direct, and blunt – he does bring up great points. Wouldn’t it be neat to see a bunch of kluwe jersey’s running around on election day?