Jimmy Carter’s revenge

The person who tracked down the source of the video of the Mitt Romney fundraiser is Jimmy Carter’s grandson.

James Carter IV told NBC News he encouraged the “source” to release the full tape to Mother Jones magazine, which called attention to it yesterday.

But Carter also confirmed there is a personal side to the backstory of the campaign video: he was especially motivated, he said, because of Romney’s frequent attacks on the presidency of his grandfather, including the GOP candidate’s comparisons to the “weak” foreign policy of Carter and Barack Obama.

“It gets under my skin — mostly the weakness on the foreign policy stuff,” Carter said. “I just think it’s ridiculous. I don’t like criticism of my family.”

Carter said he is currently unemployed and has not been paid for his work by the Obama campaign or any other political organization. What motivated him at first was Romney’s role at Bain Capital and the controversy over whether the GOP candidate as a businessman had invested in companies that outsourced jobs overseas.

On NPR’s Tell Me More program today, David Corn, the Mother Jones political reporter discussed his role in the video.

It didn’t take long for the Obama campaign to turn the video into an online ad.

  • Bonnie

    Out of touch indeed.

    In reading the linked info, I thought this info was fun too, the man who held this fundraiser at his home in Boca sounds like quite the character.

    “The source who took the video has confirmed to NBC News that it was taken at a May 17 $50,000-a-plate fundraiser at the Boca Raton, Fla., home of private-equity mogul Marc Leder, chief executive of Sun Capital Advisors.

    Leder has given $225,000 to Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney Super PAC, in addition to raising money for Romney’s presidential campaign. He has also been the subject of controversy after a report in the New York Post last year — under the headline “Nude Frolic in Tycoon’s Pool” — about a wild party at his Bridgehampton mansion in which, according to the Post’s account, “guests cavorted nude in the pool” and scantily clad Russian dancers performed on platforms.

    Leder has not responded to a request for comment from NBC News.”


  • Cara

    I believe we’ll be hearing from President Carter that he doesn’t agree with his grandson’s actions. But that he’s proud of him none the less.

  • Jim Shapiro

    If it was OK for George the Lesser to wage a disastrous war against Iraq primarily because Saddam Hussein wanted to kill his daddy,

    Perhaps it’s OK for Jimmy Carter’s grandson to release a sting video because Mitt said mean things about his grandpa.

  • Jamie

    “George the Lesser” — Ahahahahaha!!! :oD

    There is nothing for Jimmy the IV to feel guilty or otherwise bad about, and nothing for The Main Jimmy to scold his grandson about. This is so tame in comparison to the mud that Republicans sling, it’s not even on the same, I don’t know — planet! It’s based entirely in TRUTH, unlike most of what Republicans do. I just hope the Obama camp uses it well — and often.

  • tboom

    Who’s waging class warfare now?

  • Jamie

    Well, the only real class warfare that has ever existed is the Romneys of the world against the 99%.