How bad are things? People ready to go to work for company that fired them

Forty-five percent of laid-off workers say they’d go back to work for the company that dumped them, a Temple University study says.

The study of unemployed college-educated professionals found that while people are still angry about losing their jobs, they’re desperate for work.

“People are at a point where they’re losing their houses, their wives or husbands are leaving them. They’re in a severe hardship,” said Tony Petrucci, an assistant professor and managing partner at Gravitas LLC, an executive and board search firm, said in a Temple news release. “People are saying, ‘I may not like this employer because of how they handled my layoff. I’m angry, but I would consider going back to work with them.’ It’s a state of desperation.”


  • Kassie

    People who have been laid off get first priority in my organization when rehiring. Many come back. I know it is very different other places, but we layoff based on seniority, so if you were laid off it wasn’t that we didn’t want you around, but that you were low in seniority and cuts had to happen. Why wouldn’t you want to come back to a good job with good benefits? We also have to look at the layoff lists before we contract out services to make sure no one who has been laid off could perform the duties we are contracting for.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Kassie – Thanks for lighting the candle in the darkness.

  • Carol

    If the company that laid me off wanted me to come back, I would be there in a heartbeat.

    I loved the work I was doing, I loved my colleagues, I loved my clients. There were days when I forgot to pick up my pay stub because I just loved my job so much. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do it. Thank goodness for direct deposit.

    It’s been almost 10 years and I’ve found a new job, but I would still go back.

  • Tim

    I’m not surprised. If someone liked their job and their employer prior to being let go, why wouldn’t they go back? I’ve had a couple of positions in the past which I’d probably take if they were offered to me again.