Hey kid! Tuck in your shirt!

You have to understand, I’m still trying to reconcile the idea of people going to church without dressing for the occasional. I’m old school.

That said, we’re bracing for a wave of office fashion — judging by today’s iPhone 5 announcement — of “business grunge.” Think of it as fashion with a mid-life crisis.


It works fine for 20-somethings. Not so much for the old-timers.



Meanwhile, it’s fashion week in New York. The experts say the workplace look for women is “casual elegance.”

There’s a metaphor for a future David Brooks column here somewhere.

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  • Jonathan Maze

    As someone who hates tucking in his shirt, I welcome this new trend.

    That said, I will draw the line in our increasingly casual business world at cut-offs.

  • beth

    But it provides camouflage for the paunch . . .

  • N

    I also welcome this trend. If you’re going casual, go all the way with it. There’s nothing sadder than seeing an old man walking around with an old t-shirt tucked into a pair of beltless Levi’s.

  • Jim Shapiro

    It’s just a matter of time before the Apple priesthood starts to fully tattoo themselves with copy written apple symbols. And of course many adoring Apple cult members will follow suit.

    And then how long before Apple users willingly donate their brains for cyber research?

    But don’t forgot. Apple allows one to fully express their individuality.


  • BJ

    I think something like 5 countries have a GDP greater than apple’s profits. They can go naked and there is nothing any of us could do.

  • Jamie

    Hey, Jim, don’t go disparaging Apple users in general. I’ve used a Mac all my computer-adult life (it’s the standard in my industry, but I would have used them anyway because they’re superior computers for what I want to do with them), and I’m the last person who would ever be something like a cult member. In fact, I’ve been critical of Apple/Mac in recent years for what they’ve done with their operating system, and for their use (and abuse) of Chinese workers.

  • BJoe

    That’s how businesspeople dress in silicon valley. Only doctors wear ties and dress shirts. I welcome our new casual overlords.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Jamie – some of my best friends are Apple users :-). Particularly the artist, musician, video producer types.

    I’m just an old iconoclast who doesn’t understand the desire to be the first kid on the block to have the new toy,

    or office uniforms.