Canadian gamblers may get refund on Packers play


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The NFL likely won’t take back the bad call last night that led to the Seattle Seahawks beating the Green Bay Packers on game-ending play. But it seems some of the gamblers who put money on that game will get their cash back.

A Canadian journalist this morning is reporting that one site refunded his bet on the game, with the company saying it’s “the right thing to do.” He also notes “fine print” that indicates Canadians may be the only ones to get the benefit.

Online, the New York Times reports:

The site,, sent e-mails to bettors who had put money on Green Bay, alerting them to the unusual decision that their bets would be refunded in the form of a free play on the site.

At least one bettor, writing on a Twitter account said to be that of the Canadian journalist Glen McGregor, posted a picture of his computer screen showing the message and quoted the Web site’s head oddsmaker, Russ Candler, as saying, “I can’t stand winning unfairly.”

The Packers were generally favored by about 3 points in the game, depending on when and where the bet was placed. With the Packers leading, 12-7, as Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson heaved his desperation pass toward the end zone, it seemed virtually certain that Green Bay would cover.

The Web site, which specializes in gambling analysis, estimated that nearly $10 million changed hands from bettors to Nevada-based sports books because of the call. Worldwide figures are difficult to ascertain because of the wide variety of outlets available for betting.

Forget the Middle East, we’re talking football and money here — and the Packers. Isolated protests have already begun!

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— Paul Tosto

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