Can the emerald ash borer really be stopped?

Up until a few hours ago, this was an entirely accurate map (click for large view) about the emerald ash borer, the foreign invader (from Michigan) that is wiping out ash trees.


But the map isn’t accurate anymore; officials have announced the emerald ash borer has reached western Massachusetts. It also has been confirmed this week in Kansas. All of this, of course, is despite attempts to quarantine the bugger.

The efforts have been noble, but the fact is the emerald ash borer is expanding its territory.

  • John P.

    I don’t see how we can stop any invasive species or disease completely. You can never find and erradicate them all. The best we ever do is save some of them.

    It has taken over 30 years, but I am finally right about something. Back then, the city of Maple Grove was planting Ash trees up and down every boulevard. Minneapolis was dealing with Dutch Elm Disease at the time. I wondered aloud to the city what would happen when the Ash Disease comes along. Shouldn’t they be mixing it up? I was told there were no Ash diseases to worry about. Ash was the answer to the Elm problem.

    This is what eventually comes from monocultures.