The world of bosses

Bosses are in the news today. How does your stack up?

In Seal Beach, California, Kristen Joseph, 28, said she had an awkward conversation with a manager at Hennessey’s Tavern on Aug. 20 when she requested for some time to pump breast milk for her 6-month-old son.

“He said it was disgusting. He said he didn’t want me to spray all over his office. I was just appalled at what he had to say,” Joseph told CBS Los Angeles.

“When I told him it was against the law for him to deny me of that, he kind of just went off,” she said.

In Ohio, some coal miners say they had to attend a Mitt Romney rally earlier this month. The coal mine owner closed the mine and didn’t pay the miners, reports today.

His workers say they were intimidated into attending the rally, a charge the owner denies, although he acknowledges that when he closes the mine, none of the miners get paid.

“We had to close it for security reasons. The Secret Service would not allow us to be conducting a mining operation underground when we had people there. Now what is so newsworthy about that that? The Plain Dealer has to make a news issue about it? It’s a security issue. Yes, we closed the mine for one shift. We did not have the mine closed for more than the one shift that Gov. Romney was there,” the owner said.