The kid and the sign-language name that looks like a gun

One of the more bizarre stories to come out of Nebraska in awhile has been settled, apparently. A school in Grand Island says a deaf toddler will not have to change his name — or the sign for his name — after his parents complained that they were told his signed name violates the school’s weapons policy because it resembled a gun.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Perhaps some day Education Administration degree programs around the country should consider dropping the “Advanced Absurd Rule Enforcement 101” part of the curriculum.

  • David G

    The “name sign” issue may be resolved, but from the district statement, it seems the family still has another issue to resolved: The school seems insistent that they will instruct in ASL, rather than the family’s chosen SEE.

  • Chuck

    Although the situation here is absurd, schools routinely get on the hook for not reacting to similarly seemingly absurd situations. I can’t blame the school for being cautious, and it appears they have come to the right decision in the end. It’s an issue only because it got out on the news rather than being solved quietly between the school and family. It will blow over in three days, and we can move on to the next absurd three-day outrage.

  • Kat S

    David, thank you for pointing out the ASL v. SEE issue– I hadn’t noticed that. So, basically, unless Hunter already knows ASL too, he’ll be learning a new language at the same time as he’s trying to learn everything else? When new immigrants have to do that, they (hopefully– funding dependent) get English Language Learner teachers to help them out because otherwise they fall way behind.

    Since Hunter’s teachers will presumably need to use an interpreter anyway, I’d be interested to know why the district feels they can’t hire one who knows SEE.