Parents, kids, sex, and spaghetti

Not for nothing does NewsCut have a “Marketing and Advertising” category.

A kid sees his parents having sex and what else would cure the problem but a big heaping plate of spaghetti.

It’s one of the few times I encourage people to read the YouTube comments purely for entertainment value.

And, yes, the ad is causing some controversy. What doesn’t these days?

  • John P.

    Sometimes I wonder why we expend so much effort to “protect” kids from sex. It’s 100% natural.

  • Kassie

    That’s pretty funny. There are other ones by Ragu too under the “long day of childhood” series. Nice work by some ad agency.

  • Joanna

    Who needs Freudian analysis for the trauma of the primal scene? Just “break your spaghetti.”